Harsco Metals & Minerals

Service excellence

Harsco Metals & Minerals provides logistics and resource recovery services for the steel industry, operating at more than 160 customer locations across 30 countries. Working on site under multi-year contracts, our customers rely on us to deliver critical services on a daily basis, while demonstrating the service excellence that our company was founded on.

Harsco began life last century by offering steelmakers a metal recovery service for slag, to meet the growing need for recycling of by-products in the industry. We then expanded our offering into onsite logistics to provide our customers with productivity-gaining solutions in raw materials or product handling. We now offer a breadth of solutions for resource recovery and logistics services which is unparrelled in the industry. Learn More

Zero harm vision

We have been on site with some of our customers for many years, and our good safety record contributes to theirs. Our long-term approach to customer relationships is underpinned by our belief that safety is paramount and our aim is to create an injury-free workplace. Learn more about our safety programs.

Environmental solutions

By recycling minerals co-products from steel production into applications such as roadmaking and construction, Harsco reduces the need to landfill waste materials. In recovering metals from slag or other wastes, for recycling back into production, Harsco’s services provide financial gains for our customers and also environmental benefits for society. Our services contribute towards more sustainable steelmaking practices and enable our customers to save on raw material costs.

Our Values

Harsco is uncompromising in its commitment to Integrity and Ethical Business Practices. Compliance with these internal rules of doing business is important to us. This is reflected in our Code of Conduct. Learn More about our Harsco-wide Code of Conduct.

As part of this commitment, Harsco also aims to be a responsible corporate citizen in each of the communities in which we operate. Good citizenship and community participation are encouraged of all Harsco employees.

Innovation for Continuous Improvement

Over the years Harsco has pioneered many new technologies, with the goal of finding new solutions to age-old problems or of increasing our service productivity. We seek to continuously enhance the value of our service to customers throughout the life of the customer relationship, by focusing our research and development efforts on critical processes that increase the efficiency of our operations.