Harsco Metals & Minerals

Harsco has signed a 20-year service contract for the environmentally-beneficial handling and processing of steelmaking by-products with Tangshan Iron & Steel, the flagship site of China’s largest steelmaker, Hebei Iron & Steel (HBIS) Group, the second largest producer of steel in the world.

Mr. Yu, Yong, Chairman and President of Tangshan Iron and Steel Group (Tangshan Steel), said at the ceremony, “Harsco is one of the premier service providers to the steel industry. It has state of the art technology and a team made up of dedicated professionals. In the past ten years since our cooperation started, Harsco has shown the world the best services in slag processing. They have made great contributions to protecting the environment of the city of Tangshan.

“This new project is a new beginning,” Chairman Yu continued. “While return on investment is important, Tangshan Steel takes more seriously what returns this project can bring to society in improving the environment. We are confident that, by working with Harsco, we will see the best return in achieving this goal. I wish great success to this project and to the cooperation between Tangshan Steel and Harsco.”

The new agreement will encompass advanced slag treatment processes to quickly cool and treat BOF slag for significant reductions in environmental impact versus traditional methods, along with high-efficiency metal recovery and the manufacture of environmentally-friendly co-products from the residual slags, which will be sold by Harsco for beneficial reuse into the cement, concrete and road base infrastructure markets.

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