Harsco Metals & Minerals

Harsco and Carnegie Mellon University hosted a Discovery Roundtable for the North American electric steel industry in September 2012.

The event, held at the Center for Iron & Steelmaking Research (Carnegie Mellon University), was attended by representatives from Nucor Steel, Timken Steel, Steel Dynamics and Gallatin Steel. Delegates gave their perspective on current challenges, and future priorities.

Major themes to emerge from this one-day Roundtable: 

  • Major progress has been made in production efficiency, especially in the energy field
  • New technology has allowed automation of tasks previously carried out manually, bringing productivity improvements.
  • Scrap quality remains an issue in terms of predicting chemistry in the furnace, especially given the lack of guarantees provided by merchants.
  • Recruitment and retention of skilled staff is a major issue for the next ten years due to the ageing demographic of the steel industry.

These themes were developed by attendees at the roundtable. Discovery sessions such as these provide Harsco with insights into current and future operating challenges for the steel industry. For the steelmaker, it is a unique opportunity to shape Harsco’s technology partnerships and research & development agenda, to suit its own needs.

Forthcoming discovery roundtables will be announced on this website. Steelmakers can also inquire about attending by emailing inquiry-m@harsco.com.

Learn more: http://www.industry-discovery-events.com/