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After the Geneva Steel works (in Utah) closed in 2001, the environmental remediation effort involved removing hundreds of thousands of tons of stockpiled slag from the steel mill.

Harsco has been playing a key part, having won a competitive tender in 2012 to provide steel slag aggregate for sub-base and roadbase, utilizing the slag from the shut down mill.

The first phase, requiring 1 million tons of slag, was for the I15 Interstate reconstruction

Provo westside connector & Vineyard connector

The latest phase, covering the Provo westside connector & Vineyard connector, accounted for another 368k tons of slag.
Two new arterial roads are being constructed to serve Provo and Vineyard in Utah County (total project value $34.8 million).

The roads are under construction with completion scheduled for spring 2016.

This is part of a larger project, to help with traffic congestion as a result of new housing. As part of a regeneration program for the area, the massive 1,700 acre, master-planned Geneva community on the shores of Utah Lake will add as many as 7,500 new residential homes and 11 million square feet of office, industrial and retail space to the area.?

Harsco Crushed Rock

Harsco’s steel slag product is marketed in North America under the Harsco Crushed Rock brand. Learn more at www.HarscoCrushedRock.com